Meet Karen

Karen England is the Executive Director of Capitol Resource Institute, a non-profit organization that provides education and advocacy for family values. She has led its work in the California state legislature and at local government levels for 11 years. CRI is the oldest pro-family public policy organization in California.

Her public policy involvement began with combating anti-family policies at the local and state levels, as she saw their impact on her own family. After this, Karen began volunteering with Concerned Women for America, and became the Legislative Liaison for Eagle Forum.

In her position at CRI, Karen has been described as “a point person for conservatives.” Legislators and others seek out Karen for her incisive and consistently pro-family analysis of current legislation. As the creator of “Day at the Capitol,” Karen brings regular citizens into the legislative and advocacy process. Audiences enjoy her as a dynamic speaker who shows people how to impact public policy for the family values they hold.

Karen serves her state and nation in a range of capacities. She has been appointed by Congressman McClintock for a second term to serve on the California Republican Party State Central Committee. In the past she has served on the important Initiatives Committee. Karen is the past National Committee Woman for the California Republican Assembly. She was recently elected to the Placer County Republican Central Committee. In 2005 she was appointed spokeswoman for California’s Prop 73 campaign. She brought her passion and advocacy skills to the campaign, in arguing that parents should be notified before minors undergo surgical abortion. Prior to the Republican National Convention in 2004, Karen was named Housing Director for the California Delegation. Karen has attended both the 2004 and 2008 Republican Presidential Conventions with the California Delegation.

The media regularly feature Karen in print, radio, and television coverage of family issues. She has represented family values in outlets including FOX News, The O’Reilly Factor, The Laura Ingram Show, the San Francisco Chronicle, WorldNetDaily, and others.

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